David Delruelle (1988) was born and lives in Brussels, Belgium. He works with collage, words and photography.  After graduating in Illustration & Graphic design at EPS Saint-Luc, he started working on collage in 2012. During the first years, David focused on handmade paper collages then eventually switched to digital. Over the years he refined his practice; starting from a surreal pop imagery, he headed toward more conceptual researches, using a minimal methodology. His work tends to analyze our relationship with images; the way we look at them, what they say about us. By isolating a part of a photography and confronting it with others or by focusing on a detail, he seeks to develop a poetic thought, a dialogue between the pictorial and the world of ideas.

“Delruelle’s work reveals through visual contrasts or juxtapositions the primal states of man and his inner feelings. Inspired by everyday news and stories or his own memories, he’s questioning the nature of each image, attaching a new meaning in an endless chain of possibilities, highlighting the connection with the other, which actually becomes a reflection of the self.” (Andrea Cazan)

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